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3 Biggest SaaS Marketing Challenges (+ How to Navigate Past Them)

By identifying the biggest SaaS marketing challenges and working back towards their origins, many different businesses will find similar ways to fly past them on their way to success.
13 Minute Read

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12 SaaS Marketing Tips for Startups

So whether you’re fresh to the world of SaaS marketing, have already dipped your toes in, or found yourself knee-deep, here’s a list of 12 tips that can help you overcome some of the most common marketing challenges SaaS startups inevitably face.
7 Minute Read

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Building a SaaS Marketing Plan: 5 Things You Need to Know

You’re finally ready to start building a marketing plan for your SaaS business. That means you can just do some SEO research, automate some email sequences, write a few blog posts, toss some forms on your site, and Bob’s your uncle, right?
7 Minute Read

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How to Set Content Marketing Goals for Your Established SaaS

So, you’ve survived the launch gauntlet. You’ve assembled your teams. You’re live and functioning and ready to scale. But you have one big problem: most of the seemingly good advice on content marketing simply won’t work for you. Why? Because SaaS content marketing is different.
7 Minute Read

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Why Doesn't My SaaS Content Marketing Get Results?

In content marketing there’s a common misconception that all strategies are pretty much the same—in reality, they simply aren’t. In this post we'll discuss the unique components to effective content marketing for SaaS.
6 Minute Read

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How To Build A SaaS Referral Program (+ Drive Down Your CPA)

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of SaaS referral programs, and walk you through the exact steps you can take to set up your own referral program. Read on to find out more!
7 Minute Read

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5 Ways to Improve the Customer Service Experience with Content

People have been calling social media the future of customer service since 2015, and they were right. The more your brand grows, the more mistakes you will make. It’s inevitable; not everyone can have a perfect experience with your company, product or service.
5 Minute Read

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How to Create a Social Media Content Strategy - Content Marketing 101

Marketers have been jumping on the social media marketing bandwagon for years now. Their clients don’t understand it but everyone tells them they need it, regurgitating content doesn’t require much thinking or a skill set, and activities don’t need to be tied to ROI because the value of social can’t be measured.
12 Minute Read

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Manufacturing Marketing Plan Template

There is a lot of emphasis on manufacturers to improve plant productivity, meet customer needs and increase sales lead generation. Learn how to create a an easy and effective marketing plan template for your manufacturing business.
13 Minute Read

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How to Make a Successful Infographic - Content Marketing 101

An infographic is an incredible way of presenting information that works great as link bait, creates strong brand awareness, can quickly grow your subscriber list and is highly shareable.
14 Minute Read

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8 Critical Marketing Metrics all Manufacturing Companies Must Track

It's never been easier for manufacturing companies to track the results of their marketing spend. Ironically, this has also made it one of the most difficult times for manufacturing companies to feel comfortable about their marketing efforts.
9 Minute Read

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How to Create a Guide - Content Marketing 101

I like to think of guides as a combination of a white paper and an infographic. They should offer comprehensive details on a topic, and be beautifully formatted and easy to digest. Ultimately, a guide needs to help a user learn something valuable, and overcome a challenge.
8 Minute Read

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How to Get Traffic to Your Blog - Content Marketing 101

While blogging is an extremely powerful tool when done correctly, we see way too many businesses focused on churning out quick, worthless content for weeks, months or even years, and then getting frustrated that the desired results didn’t come.
10 Minute Read

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Google Maps API Changes and What it Means for Your Website

As of May 2nd of this year, Google Maps made some big changes to the way their Maps products work. Because of these changes, maps that currently exist on websites could see a service interruption, but Roketto is here to help.
4 Minute Read

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Should You Create a Value-Added Reseller Business Model?

An explanation of the various kinds of value added reseller program options and their benefits for SaaS vendors looking to diversity their sales and distribution model.
18 Minute Read

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Roketto Gears Up for Bike to Work Week

Roketto gears up for bike to work week as part of an effort to become healthier and more eco-friendly. Introducing the Riders of Roketto (including Kupo!).
4 Minute Read

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Why Manufacturers Need To Get Serious About an OEM Marketing Strategy

We’re looking at what an inbound OEM Marketing strategy is, and some of the reasons why Original Equipment Manufacturer’s can benefit greatly from inbound.
9 Minute Read

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Industrial Marketing Management for Monster Results

An approach to industrial marketing management for HUGE results. Learn the top marketing tactics and channels for each stage of the funnel.
7 Minute Read

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Manufacturing Sales - How to Transition From Outbound to Inbound

A list of tips for how manufacturing companies can transition their outbound tactics into inbound ones while maintaining the sales produced by their current pipeline in the process.
5 Minute Read

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Did You Know You Need a Website Maintenance Plan?

If you’re without a website maintenance plan, your website runs the risk of breaking, being taken over by bots or even worse… having your domain blacklisted forever.
5 Minute Read
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